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updated 13 April 2021

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The Vintage Tyres Range
TT Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyres

TT Classic Vintage Roadmaster Tyres

The TT Classic Roadmaster range is a range that has been built up for your Classic Vintage Vehicles. This allows new tyres to make your vintage vehicles look better than ever. With the New TT Classic Roadmaster range the tyres have been make from new moulds so that tyres are all crisp and the new tread is clean and clear. The TT Classic Roadmaster tyres are a cross-ply wired on tyre to make sure you keep the look of your vintage vehicle. TT Classic Roadmaster is proud to present a bigger range of sizes to cover more vintage looks than ever before. The best thing about the TT Classic Roadmaster is not just the look and availability but also the prices . New Vintage Tyres at a fraction of the cost keeping the vintage tyre market affordable for years to come.